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If you feel you aren’t as productive as you want or spend time online only to wonder where it went and why you are far behind, grab a copy of RescueTime. This productivity app tracks what you do and where you go online. With a free copy as well as a low-cost premium option, this

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Graphical design with words How to Crop an Image using img2go.com

How to Crop an Image using Img2go.com

If you’re uploading pictures to the internet, social media sites, and your own website there may be times when you need to cut out part of an image before posting – for example selecting just your face for a profile picture or cutting out an item you didn’t mean to capture. You’ll also likely need

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Graphical layout with words Zoom Webinar vs Zoom Meeting

Zoom Webinar versus Zoom Meeting

As the United States shut down earlier in the year due to COVID-19, most of us moved to having remote meetings instead of being in person.  Zoom meeting and Zoom webinar applications are a very popular tool for that.  Here you’ll learn a bit about each application and how best to use them. Transcript of

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Use Temi to Transcribe and Caption Videos

  When using videos in your blog, online course or other online content, you need to have these transcribed and also created as captions. Temi is an AI (artificial intelligence) based online transcription service that costs, at the time of this writing, 15 cents (25 cents per minute updated 12/27/22) per minute. It not only

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Purple and grey shapes with text How to Use Zoom for Remote Meetings

Zoom.com – Introduction to Zoom Meeting

Welcome to the Business Tools Website. This site is dedicated to small business owners looking for the tools and resources dedicated to helping them build and run their small businesses. Zoom is an online meeting tool that allows you to meet with anyone who has a device and an internet connection. The three most popular

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