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If you’re uploading pictures to the internet, social media sites, and your own website there may be times when you need to cut out part of an image before posting – for example selecting just your face for a profile picture or cutting out an item you didn’t mean to capture. You’ll also likely need to reduce the size of pictures before uploading. Many sites have limitations for profile and other pictures, and if you’re working on your personal website, you want to compress images as much as possible to keep your site running quickly and efficiently.

There are many image editing tools available for PCs, Macs, and online. Today we’re looking at a quick way to crop and compress and image using a free online tool

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Hey everybody. It’s Kim Shivler. Welcome. Today, I have a handy little online tool that allows you to edit images. We’re specifically going to be looking at cropping, an image, which is where you cut part of an image out as well as compressing it so that it isn’t so large. Now you may have tools for editing images on your computer. I wanted to give you a quick online tool that is free. They have a premium version, but for the most of what I’ve ever needed, it’s free. It works well. There are extensions for Chrome and Firefox. If you want to add those, I didn’t, I’m just using this straight from their website. A lot of times when we’re going to upload something to social media, particularly, particularly a profile picture, we might need to cut out an area like maybe our face, and then many times for the web, we need to compress an image, which makes the size smaller.


It’s not resizing the actual layout as far as you know, if it’s two inches by two inches, it’s just compressing the quality of the picture and online that’s okay. We don’t need print quality online. So when we take a picture on our phone, a lot of times, they’re just really big. I’m going to go ahead here and choose a file. I could enter a URL, pull it from Dropbox or Google drive. I’m just going to pull it right off my computer. And some people know, sometimes I share cat pictures in my classes. So this is one I’m going to share a Panther picture. If you notice this picture is 2.6, four megabytes, not horribly huge, but still pretty big. A lot of profile pictures limits you to one megabyte. So we’re going to work on getting that compressed down. So it’s pulling that up for me.


Now I’m in crop mode. So what you see here is what is within this area. If we crop this, that’s what you’re going to see. So you can see, I had this big picture. I’ve got my feet in it and everything. It was a morning I went into my office and you can see the mess. He just trashed my office. And he seems so proud of himself and his little Superman flying pose. And when you come in here, it’s going to have a default width and height. You can change that here, different presets, or you can do it. I’m going to do and go custom. When you go custom, if you put your cursor inside this crop area, you can move it around. And then if you grab these outer circles, you can adjust the size to exactly what you want.


And that’s what I want. So I’m going to click on Apply and it processes it. And now you’ll see that’s all there is. Now. I’m still in crop mode. So you’ll see the still see the crop area, but we’re not going to crop any further at this time. Now, when I go to save it, I set my target format. I’m going to set it to JPG a JPEG. A lot of times, that’s a little bit smaller size, also pay attention to where you’re going to upload it. Sometimes platforms require a certain type of format, whether it’s JPEG or PNG. So pay attention to that. I’m going to name that Superman, small, just name for myself. I don’t need this best quality because again, it’s online. It’s not print. I’m going to pull that down to 60% and I’m going to save it.


And that’s all there is. So say I had a picture of myself and I just wanted to crop my face out for a profile, I would have done the exact same thing we just did. Now, if it’s not small enough, it gets converted here. It’s down to just a little over half a Meg, 523 K. That’s fine for what I want. I could further compress it if I needed to, but I’m not going to, I’m going to download it. And I’ll use that in some future cat sharing opportunity. I hope that helps. And I hope if you are interested, you may want to even explore further because there are a lot of other options under this tool that are easy to make your changes quickly online. I’m Kim Shivler. I’ll see you next time. Bye.



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